Some masks are used according to the requirement of the conditions of hair. Egg and yogurt hair masks are used for “dry and damaged” hair to provide the hair with the proper nutrition present in egg and yogurt.

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Dry hair? Which means more breakage and number of split ends in your hair, which make your overall look of hair bad and damaged. Want to cure dry hair? Use egg and yogurt either separately but for better results combine these and make a mask. Egg contains fats and proteins.

Not only these but the egg is also enriched with some cleansing enzymes. Egg acts as a natural conditioner and helps in moisturizing your hair. On the other hand, yogurt contains as we all know the “milk proteins” which assist in strengthening the hair. Improves health and makes the hair stronger. The hair growth by applying yogurt also increases. So imagine making a mask by combining both and making a magic mask for your hair.

A mask full of benefits. Egg-yogurt mask is the most beneficial for dry damaged hair. When egg and yogurt combine, both act as a conditioner in smoothing and softening the hair and also making the hair growth faster and more than before. Eggs and yogurt are not only helpful in making the hair-health better but also for your health.