Every family has a beautiful history. In order to document that history, go for a wall art canvas. We all need a family photo in our home. But a combo of all the photos in a creative way will give a real statement to your home. Follow these steps to have an eye catch family art canvas that will stay on your wall for a life time.

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  • The materials required are amore squeeze punch, craft paper, scissors, photographs, canvas, acrylic white paint, yellow mist paint, brown ink, glue dots, cream cardstock and multiple paper scraps.
  • Choose a 16 by 20-inch canvas. Now prime it with white acrylic paint. While the canvas is wet, use some yellow mist and patted into the canvas. Create a pattern.
  • Let it dry for few hours. Now select some patterned papers and arrange them on to the canvas. You can get them matted with cream cardstock and ink the edges with some brown ink.
  • Add a title to each photo and print them. Cut them into required sizes, smaller than the patterned papers.
  • You can leave few blocks as well and add some decorative squeeze punches and buttons. It will add interest to the whole master piece.
  • Adhere all your photos on to the canvas using glue dots.
  • Lastly add the title “family” and use some cardstock beneath it and ran a strap of burlap to give it a finishing touch. Also you can cut V shape from the cardstock and curl it by using a pencil. Your family history is now captured in a beautiful way.