Snorkeling is the most engaging activity for most people, including me.

Snorkeling simply means using a snorkel, which is a tube-like structure that enables you to swim underwater.

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The reason that why people have been crazily craving it is that it opens an entirely new universe to us.

Marine life is beautiful and different than the life on Earth. Lust for exploring and experiencing new things has magneted many people to it.

As fun and learning that it is, it’s quite challenging as well.

So take care of following this while you are underwater:


Needless to say, you cannot survive underwater without the mask. You have to invest most energy and resources in selecting the best mask. The most important thing about covers is the fit. It should perfectly wrap around and fit your face frame. It should have strong straps and should not move or loosen up, no matter what.


We cannot afford to fog under water. Of course, it is a big NO. You are highly prone to damage and accidents if you cannot clearly see anything. So invest in a trusted and well evaluated defogging product before going down the water,


You cannot expect everything to go perfectly if you are snorkeling for the first time. So, practice! Use snorkel to breathe in and out when you are out of the water. It will make you prepared and well-equipped with experience before actually initiating the new and challenging experience.