As there are many different car types, there are also a lot of different tyres styles and types that exist in the market today. It is best to know which car tyre that fits your own vehicle because there are many types of car tyres.

Check below what these are:

  1. Retreads–These were once popular  225 45 r17 tyres and are used exclusively on trucks running on trailer wheels. These involve getting the worn out tread and exchanging it with a new pattern tread. Retreads are illegal in some state but still can be used on trucks. These type of car tyre has a danger of being weak and declining without any warning signals.
  2. Performance Dunlop Tyres and Pirelli tyres – designed for performance tyres and proper grip. Makes use of soft rubber. Tread has an asymmetrical pattern to avoid water absorption and has better handling. This type is wide and has a large size rim wheels.
  3. All round tyre prices tyres- this is designed for road and weather conditions that most drivers will encounter. It has a block or rib pattern that has groves that helps water drainage and provides proper traction especially on roads that are wet. Rib pattern tyres are used only on one side and are not used on the other without having to remove the tyre from the rim. It has a high speed than block patterns. Block patterns tyres are cheaper and can be interchangeable. These are mostly used on passenger cars.
  4. Tire-shot-Carat-Exelero_tcm2076-112211Truck or Van Tyres – these are used specially on commercial trucks and has a zigzag pattern. These are designed in low heat generation and low resistance, and best for long distance travel, which are best for vans and trucks. The only disadvantage with this kind of pattern is that it does not grip or hold on to wet roads and has poor cornering.
  1. Wet Weather Tyres – These are properly designed for wet conditions and on wet roads. The tread are designed are deep and avoid water to retain in the tread. It has soft rubber to have a strong grip and quickly heats up.
  2. All terrain tyres – These are specially designed for wide roads and mostly 4WD vehicles. They have large tread patterns and has more stiffer sidewall .This terrain tyreis divided in two groups.
  1. off road tyres – these are designed for offbeat track environment and unsealed roads . These tyres are noisy and wear fast on sealed and dry roads.
  1. soft-road tyres – specially designed for sealed roads and its patterns are just like the normal car tyres. These are quieter but at the same time it can handle rough roads like sand, dirt and gravel.
  1. Winter or snow tyres- specially designed for snowy roads. Its tread are much larger than the normal and regular car tyres. This creates noise. These tyres are only meant for snowy roads because when it is used for dry roads this will only damage the car tyre.

As there are a lot of car tyres, you can always ask your car dealer on what type of car tyre you are going to have for your own vehicle. You should be doing this in order to be safe. As when you would not be able to do this and directly purchase any car tyre then you would likely be in danger, But one thing is for sure to always take proper good care of your car tyre since this is the only way that you can make your tyre last a long time as to whatever car tyre you may have.